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Literature, Languages and other areas

Literatur, Sprache und Anderes

By training I am a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and I have taught German and French at secondary schools. But I have also worked in a museum office, with younger children on a volontary and professional basis, and in a hospital.

One of my passions is reading literature from around the world and another is languages. Of late I have started to combine these two passions and channelled them onto a different professional path. I have been translating several novels from German into English. So far I have been concentrating on contemporary fiction and modern classics.

Lifelong Learning

Ein Leben zum Lernen

Life is for Learning, because the process of learning is endless and because humans have to improve themselves in order to survive. My personal spin on this fact is mirrored in my interest for languages, history and the arts. Over the years I have honed my skills in English and am now learning Spanish and Italian, while also improving my French. Whilst I do not anticipate translating into these languages, I am hoping to use these languages for my work in the future.

I am keen to widen my horizon and am therefore open to look at an extensive variety of subject areas.

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German Business Partner

Erika Stiller

I have a business partner in Germany, who runs her own business of proofreading and editing for texts in German. She works mainly within Germany, has worked on a variety of texts of different subject areas and has also gained experience in teaching German to adult learners of other languages. Her homebase is in the centre of the German literary scene and banking sector, Frankfurt am Main.

Erika Stiller website is: