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Syntax and Style

Syntax und Stil

As a further service I offer to read and correct your texts in view of syntax and style. They will read more comprehensively and convincingly. A snappy, well crafted text will be more persuasive when trying to sell a product or convince a future business partner.

Rhetorical Tools

Rhetorische Mittel

Adynaton  Allegory  Anapher  Annomitatio  Apokoinu  Contradictio in Adjectivo  Correctio  Epipher  Hyperbole  Katachrese  Lilotes  Metapher  Onomatopeia  Paradox  Pars Pro Toto  Pleonasmus  Rhetorical Question  Synonymie  Tautology  Zeugma

Rhetoric can work for you or against you when trying to impress. I can help you to make them work in your favour.

Nothing will come of Nothing

Creatio ex Nihilo ?

A storm in a water glas. The jug goes to the well until it breaks. Constant dripping hollows the stone. As clear as dumpling stew. To give up one's spoon. To send someone from Pontius to Pilate.

Es regnet Hund und Katz. So klar wie Schlamm. Jemandem vom Pfosten zum Pfahl schicken. Den Eimer treten. Die Haare runterlassen. So zäh wie ein alter Stiefel.

I will help find the right expression to make your text sound authentic and to leave a lasting impression.

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