Transcribing   Transkription

Old hand written Documents?

Ein altes handscriftliches document?

If I feel happy and confident that I am able to decipher your old handwritten family or other English or German document, I will take pride in transcribing it. It might be a postcard, a letter, a note, a diary entry or a church entry you need for your research - I will have a go and a look at it for you, to support you in your work.

Word Processing

An old German Text?

Are you in the possession of an old German text, which you need for your work,  business or academic, but do not have the expertise or the time to word process to utilise it in your writing or otherwise? I will happily transcribe it for you into a usable computer format.

You might also need some subtitling done for a documentary or a film or a song. I will happily look at any non illicit piece or project.

Professional  Professionell

Reliable Loyal Trustworthy

I take my work very seriously and take pride in delivering the best possible service for you. I know your documents and its content are precious to you and I will treat them as being confidential. Please understand that I will use my discretion to make a decision as to which texts I am able to accept as a work project.

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