Proofreading - Korrektur

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Spelling Grammar Punctuation

Rechtschreibung Grammatik Interpunktion

I will read your texts in view of spelling, grammar or punctuation in both German and English, to make sure it looks professional and impresses your existing or future clients, collegues or customers.

I preferably work with British English and will read your texts in view of old as well as new German spelling.

It looks good, if it is right

Was stimmt, sieht gut aus

A comma or a semi-colon? A full stop or a colon? A question mark or an exclamation mark?

A wrongly placed symbol of punctuation can completely change the meaning of a phrase. Can you afford to get it wrong?

In the past I have worked on letters of application, references and business reports.

Attention to Detail

Der Schlüssel liegt im Detail

I make it one of my mantra to take attention to minute detail in order to ensure that my work means the best possible outcome for you. During my recent very varied professional history I have applied this ideal to many different work situations and neither I nor my colleagues or students have ever regretted it. It has proved vital in all my undertakings.

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