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Presently I devote myself to two languages, German and English. Although German is my original mother tongue, I have, with years of living and working in Britian, become bilingual. I move easily between the two languages and translate from German into English, as well as from English into German.

Subject Areas


I am mainly at home in the literary arts, as well as education, and have a strong passion for literature. Therefore I specialise in the following subject areas with my translation service: arts, tourism, marketing & media, education, environment, history, social science and humanitarian issues.

I am always keen to learn about other subject areas and have, for instance translated a golf manual once from Engllish into German. One is never too old to learn and I am keen to research and investigate new subject areas and thus unlock new interests.


High Standards

 Hohe Erwartungen

During my long years of learning and teaching I have adopted a level of high standards in my work. In my literary translation projects I work with extreme care. It is not only important to me to find the perfect expression but also to transmit the meaning and feel of what the author is trying to convey, thus capturing his or her style.

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